Safe and Fear-free Environment, Inc. (SAFE)

25th Annual Tony's run - 09/18/2016

Giordano, Brandy

Haggblom, Maureen

Halko, Michael

Krieg, Ted

Lawless, Darrin

Liedberg, Paul

Napoli, Chris

Nelson, Russell


Alaska Commercial Company


Arctic Chiropractic Center


City of Dillngham

Libby Dental Arts

Mary Dolan

N&N Market

Nushagak Cooperative

Peter Haggblom

RAM Auto and Equipment Repair

Safe and Fear-free Environment, Inc.

Stay Cool In Maine

Subway, Dillingham



Clouse, Kiley   0:35:45

Henry, Robert  0:35:54

Henry, Tara  0:35:54


 Peterson, Ryan  0:47:43

Lorick, Kori  0:54:12

Clouse, Jon  0:55:08

Sanger, Jordan  0:57:58

Clouse, Shannon  0:59:06

Haggblom, Maureen  0:59:11

Lawless, Darrin  1:03:46

Nielsen, Misty  1:03:54

Nielsen, Debbie  1:07:24

Dischner, Molly  1:07:41



Krieg, Ted  0:56:24


Wren, Carol  2:25:15

Nelson, William

Reigh, Tina

Schollmeier, Nick

Snellgrove, Joni

Van Vactor, Norm

Venua, Angeli

Venua, Angie

Venua, Bernina




Reigh, Gisa  0:21:54

Clouse, Kalin  0:21:54

Johnson, Ethan  0:22:21


Reigh, August  0:29:08

Reigh, Tina  0:29:09

Henry, Susanna  0:33:44

Bennis, Jennifer  0:33:52

Tweet, Dominic   0:35:49

Tweet, Jonas  0:35:49

Tweet, Nick  0:53:04

Tweet, Levi  0:55:16


Donaldson, Kristin  0:40:53

Marsikova, Denali*  0:41:12

Marsik, Tom  0:41:13

Donaldson, Bill  0:42:53
Bishop, Beth  0:47:16

Bishop, Isabella*  0:47:16

Bishop, Penelope*  0:47:16
Bishop, Tyler  0:55:37

Johnson, Edwin  0:57:55

Korte, Michelle  0:57:55

Valenty, Cindy  0:57:57

*In stroller part or all the way

Bishop, Beth

Buchholz, Steve

Carpenter, Gina

Casteel, Marilyn

Clouse, Jon

Dunham, Melissa

Dunham, Gabe

Fulton, Wanda

Course Coordinator-Lisa Haggblom (SAFE staff)

Potluck Coordinator-Gregg Marxmiller (SAFE staff)


Lisa Haggblom, Coordinator for the last 16 years, retired from the Coordinator position after this year's event. A long-time participant of Tony's Run emailed Lisa on 09/19/16  with this: "I just want to thank you for all of your efforts. You do so much for our community. I really appreciate all the effort, time, and consideration you have given over the years for Tony's Run.  I get to spend time with family and friends with every event not to mention the self satisfaction when I complete a run. I know you contribute much more to our community then Tony's Run, but Tony's Run is one event that I have appreciated over the years due to you". 

See an error? Contact Lisa at 907-842-2320 or


Carol Wren

Jon Clouse

Jordan Sanger

Michael Halko