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   Safety in My Home


Safety in My Home 

There are many things that a person can do to increase safety in their home. It may be impossible to do everything at once, but safety measures can be added step by step.

1. I can inform ___________________ that my partner no longer resides with me and they should call the police if he is seen at my residence.

2. I can change the locks on my doors and windows as soon as possible.

3. I can replace wooden doors with steel/metal doors.

4. I can install security systems including additional locks, window bars, poles to wedge against doors, an electronic system, etc.

5. I can purchase rope ladders to be used for escape from second floor windows.

6. I can install smoke detectors and purchase fire extinguishers for my home.

7. I can install an outside lighting system that lights up when a person is coming close to my house.

8. I can teach my children how to use the telephone, in case my partner takes them, to make a collect call to me and ___________________ (friend/advocate/minister/other.)

9. I can tell people who take care of my children which people have
permission to pick up my children and that my partner does not have
permission. The people I will inform about this are:

___________________________ (school)
___________________________ (day care)
___________________________ (babysitter)
___________________________ (teacher)
___________________________ (others)