Safe and Fear-free Environment, Inc. (SAFE)


Some victims break free of abuse but never break into loving themselves.

The notion of loving yourself may sound self-centered or selfish, but it isn't! Loving yourself is a part of well-being.

Well-being is a life-long journey with big rewards. Thriving is beyond surviving.

It is living fully and gives you balance through life's ups and downs; celebrations and devastation.

A 16 bed shelter for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence

and/or sexual assault or whose homes/living arrangements are unsafe due to violence

and/or related abuse. 

Maintain a four bed shelter staffed by a part time Village Advocate in the King Salmon
area (BayWest Shelter) for persons seeking shelter in adjacent communities
and/or while in transit. 

Maintain a safe home network and alternative emergency housing for adult male victims
and as a backup for the shelter.

Emergency transportation for victim, children and/or other family members to nearest safe
shelter and for immediate medical, legal and social services needs

SART - Sexual Assault Response Team and CAC – Nitiput Child Advocacy Center
(coordinated medical, law enforcement, prosecution and advocacy response to
adult and child victims of sexual assault for immediate safety and intervention) 

Assistance with protective orders and other law enforcement and/or court action and access
to civil/legal representation through Alaska Legal Services and/or ANDVSA ProBono program.

Referral and assistance from village based staff, volunteers and interveners for safe shelter

and emergency services 

Safety planning, safety checks and victim’s safety monitoring. 

Transportation and safe shelter for pets and household animals.