Safe and Fear-free Environment, Inc. (SAFE)

   Safety with a Protective Order

Protective orders are available from the court. An advocate is available at the nearest domestic violence/sexual assault program to help you get one. Many batterer's obey protective orders, but some do not.

I understand that I may need to ask the police and the courts to enforce my protective order. I can do some or all of the following to increase my safety:

1. I can keep a copy of my protective order with me at all times.

2. I can check with my local police department to make sure my protective order is on record with them. If not, I will give a copy of my protective order to them. I will also give a copy of my protective order to police departments in the community where I work and in those communities where I usually visit family or friends.

3. I can tell my employer, my domestic violence program advocate, my minister, my closest friend, and _____________________ that I have a protective order in effect.

4. If my partner destroys my protective order, I can get another copy from the court-house by calling _____________________

5. If my partner violates the protective order, I can call the police and report a violation, call my attorney, call an advocate at a domestic violence program, and/or advise the court of the violation.