Safe and Fear-free Environment, Inc. (SAFE)

Support SAFE in Making a Difference in the lives of People in Bristol Bay

There are many ways in which you can support us, whether it is large or small we rely on help from those around us to continue to help those around us.


Set aside part of your permanent fund dividend to SAFE through the Pick.Click Give Program.

Make Us Smile

When you shop at Amazon you can use to have a percentage of your purchases go to SAFE. Alternatively you can also check out our wishlists and purchase needed items for us.

pOINTS AT n & n

You can request that your points that you earn for purchases go to SAFE at the Checkout stands. Just ask the Checker to apply them to SAFE's Account you may have to give them our Phone Number 842 2320. This helps us buy groceries for the shelter. Thank you N&N!

Donations Are Always Appreciated!

Cash Donations are appreciated and allow us to provide emergency and fluid decisions for people that really need it.

We also take donations of housewares and clothing for clients. The items that aren't needed at this time are put in Ullas so that we can buy things that are. 

[21 G St. West]

[PO BOX 94]

Dillingham Ak 99576


Phone:        [907-842-2320]

FAX:            [907-842-2198]

E-mail: []

Get in Touch

We love hearing from people, whether its a word of encouragement or a suggestion on how we can do better. Drop us a line!