Safe and Fear-free Environment, Inc. (SAFE)

Sexual Experiences Among Alaskans Project
Jeremy Braithwaite (University of California, Irvine) thanks everyone for their participation, help, and suppor
t during the Sexual Experiences Among Alaskans Project.  He will be conducting interviews elsewhere in Alaska and preparing his dissertation. He plans on presenting his findings in Dillingham as well at a later date, and will stay in touch with us.   

Behavioral Health Advisory Council – Serves as an advisory board of directors for the regional alcohol/drug abuse treatment program.  SAFE’s Executive Director serves on this Council.  


Community Coordination


Community Justice Alliance CJA is an informal group of people and agencies involved with the criminal, civil, community justice system. CJA was initially created in 2003 through an MOA with SAFE under a Rural Domestic Violence and Child Victimization grant through the U.S. Department of Justice/Office of Violence Against Women. The focus of this group is to increase collaboration and cooperation to enhance the safety of victims of violence and to promote social justice.  Regularly attending members include Juvenile/Adult probation, City & State police, BBNA (VPSO Coordinator, ICWA, etc.), prosecutor, public defender, Alaska Legal Services, Jakes Place/BBAHC, Corrections, OCS, SAFE, judges & magistrates, Adult Basic Education/UAF, SART/SANE & medical staff from BBAHC, Curyung, Youth Court, CAC, City of Dillingham, and members from the faith & business community.   The CJA meets the third Thursday of every other month at noon at SAFE (yes, we feed and water you for free).

Early Childhood Interagency Task Force– Co-Chaired by the local public health nurses and BBNA Head Start, this is a multi agency group that meets quarterly to share information and network services and resources.  SAFE’s Children Services Coordinator is a member of this group. 

SART– The Sexual Assault Response Team meets monthly to review ongoing sexual assault cases and to review, revise and maintain protocols and procedures developed for a coordinated response to sexual assault victims. SAFE’s SART Coordinator chairs this meeting.

CANDU (Community Action Network Directed Upstream) - We would like to share the results of our CANDU Survey 

CANDU is an informal, community wide group of people and agencies looking at primary prevention strategies focused on strengthening the protective factors in our community that foster wellness (cultural identity, collaboration, commitment to youth, arts and culture; parks & recreation; etc.)  CANDU also includes eight partners working on specific activities and programs. CANDU meets every other month on the first Wednesday of the month at Noon at SAFE for a working lunch (we provide food & drink).

Child Advocacy Center  – This group meets monthly to review cases and coordinate interventions for children and families at risk.