25th Annual Tony's run - 09/18/2016

Giordano, Brandy

Haggblom, Maureen

Halko, Michael

Krieg, Ted

Lawless, Darrin

Liedberg, Paul

Napoli, Chris

Nelson, Russell



Reigh, Gisa  0:21:54

Clouse, Kalin  0:21:54

Johnson, Ethan  0:22:21


Reigh, August  0:29:08

Reigh, Tina  0:29:09

Henry, Susanna  0:33:44

Bennis, Jennifer  0:33:52

Tweet, Dominic   0:35:49

Tweet, Jonas  0:35:49

Tweet, Nick  0:53:04

Tweet, Levi  0:55:16


Donaldson, Kristin  0:40:53

Marsikova, Denali*  0:41:12

Marsik, Tom  0:41:13

Donaldson, Bill  0:42:53
Bishop, Beth  0:47:16

Bishop, Isabella*  0:47:16

Bishop, Penelope*  0:47:16
Bishop, Tyler  0:55:37

Johnson, Edwin  0:57:55

Korte, Michelle  0:57:55

Valenty, Cindy  0:57:57

*In stroller part or all the way

Bishop, Beth

Buchholz, Steve

Carpenter, Gina

Casteel, Marilyn

Clouse, Jon

Dunham, Melissa

Dunham, Gabe

Fulton, Wanda

Course Coordinator-Lisa Haggblom (SAFE staff)

Potluck Coordinator-Gregg Marxmiller (SAFE staff)


Lisa Haggblom, Coordinator for the last 16 years, retired from the Coordinator position after this year's event. A long-time participant of Tony's Run emailed Lisa on 09/19/16  with this: "I just want to thank you for all of your efforts. You do so much for our community. I really appreciate all the effort, time, and consideration you have given over the years for Tony's Run.  I get to spend time with family and friends with every event not to mention the self satisfaction when I complete a run. I know you contribute much more to our community then Tony's Run, but Tony's Run is one event that I have appreciated over the years due to you". 

See an error? Contact Lisa at 907-842-2320 or records@safebristolbay.org


Carol Wren

Jon Clouse

Jordan Sanger

Michael Halko



Clouse, Kiley   0:35:45

Henry, Robert  0:35:54

Henry, Tara  0:35:54


 Peterson, Ryan  0:47:43

Lorick, Kori  0:54:12

Clouse, Jon  0:55:08

Sanger, Jordan  0:57:58

Clouse, Shannon  0:59:06

Haggblom, Maureen  0:59:11

Lawless, Darrin  1:03:46

Nielsen, Misty  1:03:54

Nielsen, Debbie  1:07:24

Dischner, Molly  1:07:41

Nelson, William

Reigh, Tina

Schollmeier, Nick

Snellgrove, Joni

Van Vactor, Norm

Venua, Angeli

Venua, Angie

Venua, Bernina


Safe and Fear-free Environment, Inc. (SAFE)


Alaska Commercial Company


Arctic Chiropractic Center


City of Dillngham

Libby Dental Arts

Mary Dolan

N&N Market

Nushagak Cooperative

Peter Haggblom

RAM Auto and Equipment Repair

Safe and Fear-free Environment, Inc.

Stay Cool In Maine

Subway, Dillingham



Krieg, Ted  0:56:24


Wren, Carol  2:25:15