Safe and Fear-free Environment, Inc. (SAFE)

24th Annual Tony's run - 09/20/2015




Course Coordinator-Lisa Haggblom (SAFE staff)

Potluck Coordinator-Karen Carpenter  (SAFE staff)

*Ran the 2005-2014 Marathon course with personal support.

**Assisted by Conor Downey


Downey, Conor   0:44:33
Villani, Joshua   0:49:21
Krieg, Ted   0:57:16
Bennett, Tiffany   0:59:16
Bennett, Dinah   1:06:11
Torrisi, Fred   1:33:46


Sanger, Jordan   1:54:56
 Halko, Michael   1:57:26
 Dieckgrafe, Janet   2:08:19
 Hahn, Megan   2:08:26 Darrough, Johanna   2:22:07
 Bergen, Bridget   2:37:47
 Henry, Tara   DNS

 Potter, Blythe**   DNS
 Potter, Michael**   DNS


Ito, Logan   0:31:08
 Ito, Steve   0:36:44

Ito, Lane   0:47:14
 Reigh, Gisa   0:47:25

 Reigh, August   0:51:36
 Reigh, Clint   0:51:38
 Reigh, Everett   0:51:38
 Bishop, Beth   0:53:15
 Bishop, Isabella   0:53:15
 Bishop, Penelope   0:53:15
 Bishop, Tyler   0:53:23

 Tucker, Christopher   DNF


 Schollmeier, Nick   0:41:21
 Tuckwood, Sadie   0:49:31
 Peterson, Ryan   0:50:14
 Tuckwood, Cindy   0:55:22
 Reigh, Tina   0:58:47
 Nielsen, Debbie   1:11:49
 Colton, Hannah   1:12:04
 Dischner, Molly   1:12:04
 Gaddis, Arwen   1:12:04
 Savo, Misty   1:18:43

 McLean, Debi   1:29:16

 Van Vactor, Lynn   1:31:34


 Thames, Angela   1:27:31
 Clouse, Shannon   1:37:44
 Ito, Nicole   1:37:44
 Downs, Verity   1:44:33
 Bumgarner, Aaron   DNS
 Henry, Susanna   DNS


Bennett, Jaida***   0:14:32
Bennett, Daijah   0:17:34
 Downey, Jack   0:17:35
 Clouse, Kalin   0:27:36

 Calvert, Claire   0:41:29
 Calvert, Julia   0:41:29

 Wiard, Michelle   DNS


Tuckwood, Skylar   0:24:19
 Calvert, Samuel   0:24:20
 Tuckwood, Rayna   0:24:22
Eldridge, Ian   0:25:39
 Eldridge, Mark   0:25:39
 Tucker, Thomas   0:27:37
Oates, Beth   0:28:59
 Calvert, Faye   0:32:28
Clouse, Kiley   0:32:28
Clouse, Jon   0:32:49
Tucker, Rosemary   0:34:13
 Andrew Laci   DNS
 Layland, Lindsay   DNS
 Lisac, Denise   DNS


Calvert, Lacey   0:41:29
Donaldson, Kristin   0:43:19
Tuckwood, Tim   0:43:53
 Marsik,Tom   0:45:32
 Marsikova, Denali   0:45:32
 Becker, Charles   0:50:34
 Becker, Sherry   0:50:34
 Eldridge, Maureen   0:51:44
 Eldridge, Aiden   0:51:45
 Savo, Robin   0:59:07
 Ilutsik, Lisa   1:00:13
Hanson, Luisa   1:05:07
Montooth, John   1:15:06
 Montooth, Annjuli   1:16:26
 Montooth, Juliana   1:16:26
 Montooth, Kaleb   1:16:26

 Participants (Revised 5k and 10k courses and new 20k course (10k course twice), out and back at halfway point) 

Eveslage, Mike

Ewald, David

Fisher, Rose

Flensburg, Sue

Kennedy, Bill

Krieg, Ted

McLean, Debi

Nelson, Russell

Nielsen, Debbie

Baltar, Bruce

Bennett, Dinah

Bishop, Tyler

Buchholz, Steve

Carpenter, Gina

Casteel, Hayse

Casteel, Marilyn

Clouse, Jon

Davis, Mike


Blythe Potter

Bridget Bergen

Debbie Nielsen

Debi McLean

Dinah Bennett

Hannah Colton

Johanna Darrough

Jordan Sanger

Maureen Eldridge

See an error? Contact Lisa at 907-842-2320 or

Potter, Blythe

Potter, Michael

Reigh, Tina

Rogers, Terry

Savo, Misty

Van Vactor, Lynn

Van Vactor, Norm

Wassily, Martha

Wilson, Wanda


Alaska Commercial Company


Arctic Chiropractic Center


City of Dillngham

Libby Dental Arts

Mary Dolan

N&N Market

Nushagak Cooperative

Peter Haggblom

RAM Auto and Equipment Repair

Safe and Fear-free Environment, Inc.

Stay Cool In Maine

Subway, Dillingham