Eveslage, Mike

Ewald, David

Fisher, Rose

Flensburg, Sue

Kennedy, Bill

Krieg, Ted

McLean, Debi

Nelson, Russell

Nielsen, Debbie

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Potter, Blythe

Potter, Michael

Reigh, Tina

Rogers, Terry

Savo, Misty

Van Vactor, Lynn

Van Vactor, Norm

Wassily, Martha

Wilson, Wanda




Downey, Conor   0:44:33
Villani, Joshua   0:49:21
Krieg, Ted   0:57:16
Bennett, Tiffany   0:59:16
Bennett, Dinah   1:06:11
Torrisi, Fred   1:33:46


Sanger, Jordan   1:54:56
 Halko, Michael   1:57:26
 Dieckgrafe, Janet   2:08:19
 Hahn, Megan   2:08:26 Darrough, Johanna   2:22:07
 Bergen, Bridget   2:37:47
 Henry, Tara   DNS

 Potter, Blythe**   DNS
 Potter, Michael**   DNS


Alaska Commercial Company


Arctic Chiropractic Center


City of Dillngham

Libby Dental Arts

Mary Dolan

N&N Market

Nushagak Cooperative

Peter Haggblom

RAM Auto and Equipment Repair

Safe and Fear-free Environment, Inc.

Stay Cool In Maine

Subway, Dillingham



Course Coordinator-Lisa Haggblom (SAFE staff)

Potluck Coordinator-Karen Carpenter  (SAFE staff)

*Ran the 2005-2014 Marathon course with personal support.

**Assisted by Conor Downey

24th Annual Tony's run - 09/20/2015


Blythe Potter

Bridget Bergen

Debbie Nielsen

Debi McLean

Dinah Bennett

Hannah Colton

Johanna Darrough

Jordan Sanger

Maureen Eldridge


Bennett, Jaida***   0:14:32
Bennett, Daijah   0:17:34
 Downey, Jack   0:17:35
 Clouse, Kalin   0:27:36

 Calvert, Claire   0:41:29
 Calvert, Julia   0:41:29

 Wiard, Michelle   DNS


Tuckwood, Skylar   0:24:19
 Calvert, Samuel   0:24:20
 Tuckwood, Rayna   0:24:22
Eldridge, Ian   0:25:39
 Eldridge, Mark   0:25:39
 Tucker, Thomas   0:27:37
Oates, Beth   0:28:59
 Calvert, Faye   0:32:28
Clouse, Kiley   0:32:28
Clouse, Jon   0:32:49
Tucker, Rosemary   0:34:13
 Andrew Laci   DNS
 Layland, Lindsay   DNS
 Lisac, Denise   DNS


Calvert, Lacey   0:41:29
Donaldson, Kristin   0:43:19
Tuckwood, Tim   0:43:53
 Marsik,Tom   0:45:32
 Marsikova, Denali   0:45:32
 Becker, Charles   0:50:34
 Becker, Sherry   0:50:34
 Eldridge, Maureen   0:51:44
 Eldridge, Aiden   0:51:45
 Savo, Robin   0:59:07
 Ilutsik, Lisa   1:00:13
Hanson, Luisa   1:05:07
Montooth, John   1:15:06
 Montooth, Annjuli   1:16:26
 Montooth, Juliana   1:16:26
 Montooth, Kaleb   1:16:26

Safe and Fear-free Environment, Inc. (SAFE)

 Participants (Revised 5k and 10k courses and new 20k course (10k course twice), out and back at halfway point) 


Ito, Logan   0:31:08
 Ito, Steve   0:36:44

Ito, Lane   0:47:14
 Reigh, Gisa   0:47:25

 Reigh, August   0:51:36
 Reigh, Clint   0:51:38
 Reigh, Everett   0:51:38
 Bishop, Beth   0:53:15
 Bishop, Isabella   0:53:15
 Bishop, Penelope   0:53:15
 Bishop, Tyler   0:53:23

 Tucker, Christopher   DNF


 Schollmeier, Nick   0:41:21
 Tuckwood, Sadie   0:49:31
 Peterson, Ryan   0:50:14
 Tuckwood, Cindy   0:55:22
 Reigh, Tina   0:58:47
 Nielsen, Debbie   1:11:49
 Colton, Hannah   1:12:04
 Dischner, Molly   1:12:04
 Gaddis, Arwen   1:12:04
 Savo, Misty   1:18:43

 McLean, Debi   1:29:16

 Van Vactor, Lynn   1:31:34


 Thames, Angela   1:27:31
 Clouse, Shannon   1:37:44
 Ito, Nicole   1:37:44
 Downs, Verity   1:44:33
 Bumgarner, Aaron   DNS
 Henry, Susanna   DNS

Baltar, Bruce

Bennett, Dinah

Bishop, Tyler

Buchholz, Steve

Carpenter, Gina

Casteel, Hayse

Casteel, Marilyn

Clouse, Jon

Davis, Mike