22nd Annual Tony's Run, 09/22/13

 (always the first Sunday after moose season ends)


Tony’s Run was born March 1992, one month after the fatal shooting of Dillingham Police Department officer Anthony Jones.  Officer Jones was dedicated to teens in need of positive role models, and was killed on-duty in downtown Dillingham by a troubled youth.

To honor Officer Jones’ commitment to non-violence, the Chief of Police for the Dillingham Police Department, Ralph Taylor, and others planned the first run.  They consulted with Executive Director Ginger Baim, of SAFE, and envisioned an event that not only increased public awareness of the devastating affects of violence, but also continued Officer Jones’ efforts to end violence.

The First Annual Tony’s Run consisted of a relay run from the Fire Hall in downtown Dillingham to Kanakanak Hospital, then to Lake Aleknagik and to the Fire Hall.  Dillingha
m Police Department employees ran approximately four miles each to honor their fellow Officer and promote non-violence.Over the years, the Run has expanded to include Alaskan community participants from Dillingham, surrounding villages, Anchorage, and Fairbanks, and visitors from Wisconsin, Texas, and England.  Walkers and “rollers” (those using non-motorized wheels) now join runners in their choice of four courses.

In keeping with local tradition, potlucks were held after the Runs. The post-Run dinner provides scrumptious food for participants, volunteers, and their supporters.