The Delta Project

Dillingham's DELTA focus is on the prevention of intimate partner violence between our teens and young adults.

Rather then concentrate on all the negative aspects, it was decided that the only real way to achieve this goal was to provide positive skill building and offer a community support network for our teens. Empowering and encouraging our youth to make healthy choices about their lives.

Making conscious decisions about their lives and believing in themselves, that they have a right to a violence-free life. This comes with education and positive self-esteem.

Safe and Fear Free Environment is Proud to Announce it's participation in the Centers for Disease Control's new Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement Through Alliances DELTA program Leaders in the field of Public Health have long recognized that domestic violence and dating violence are major health concerns for women, and have supported services which identify and aid victims of violence. Currently, a new emphasis on preventing violence is emerging in the practice of public health. The Centers for Disease Control created the pilot DELTA program to help communities develop and coordinate activities to prevent domestic violence. The Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault will provide technical assistance, training and funding to four selected communities in Alaska which are Dillingham, Juneau, Sitka, and Valdez.

The Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault was chosen as a statewide leader for the project because of its proven ability to coordinate services, mobilize communities and develop initiatives. DELTA grants have also been awarded to thirteen other state-wide domestic violence coalitions from California, Delaware, Kansas, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Virgina, New York, Montana and North Carolina.

SAFE is one of four sites awarded the DELTA grant in Alaska.

From the ANDVSA Stand Up, Speak Up Alaska project. Go to for more.