Our Services

Some victims break free of abuse but never break into loving themselves.

The notion of loving yourself may sound self-centered or selfish, but it isn't!

Loving yourself is a part of well-being.

Well-being is a life-long journey with big rewards.

Thriving is beyond surviving.

It is living fully and gives you balance through life's ups and downs; celebrations and devastation.


  1. A 16 bed shelter for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault or whose homes/living arrangements are unsafe due to violence and/or related abuse.
  2. Maintain a four bed shelter staffed by a part time Village Advocate in the King Salmon area (BayWest Shelter) for persons seeking shelter in adjacent communities and/or while in transit.
  3. Maintain a safe home network and alternative emergency housing for adult male victims and as a backup for the shelter.
  4. Emergency transportation for victim, children and/or other family members to nearest safe shelter and for immediate medical, legal and social services needs
  5. SART - Sexual Assault Response Team and CAC – Nitiput Child Advocacy Center (coordinated medical, law enforcement, prosecution and advocacy response to adult and child victims of sexual assault for immediate safety and intervention)
  6. Assistance with protective orders and other law enforcement and/or court action and access to civil/legal representation through Alaska Legal Services and/or ANDVSA ProBono program.
  7. Referral and assistance from village based staff, volunteers and interveners for safe shelter and emergency services
  8. Safety planning, safety checks and victim’s safety monitoring. 
  9. Transportation and safe shelter for pets and household animals.


  1. A 24-hour toll free crisis line monitored by trained staff and volunteers.
  2. Crisis Intervention information and referral.
  3. Crisis intervention counseling (individual) followed up with ongoing support services and referral and assistance with accessing longer-term counseling where applicable.
  4. Advocacy & Accompaniment (Individual) it includes medical, public assistance, social services, law enforcement, as well as legal advocacy and assistance with Domestic Violence Protective Orders
  5. Transportation to the shelter and medical, legal, and social services
  6. Support groups for women, children and teens in crisis and transition
  7. Safety Planning
  8. Assistance and information on filing for Victims of Violent Crime Composition.

  1. Provide crisis intervention counseling and referrals for child victims and non-offending parents.
  2. Sexual Assault Response Team with specific expertise and training in responding to child and young adult victims of sexual assault through the Child Advocacy Center team.
  3. Direct support and personal and systems advocacy for child victims
  4. SAFE for LIFE comprehensive children’s outreach, education and support program
  5. MOMS’s program child care for parents participating in substance abuse treatment and/or sobriety support activities.
  6. Substance abuse assessment and treatment (if applicable) for children 12 and older though the SISTR program
  7. Assistance in accessing FASD diagnostic and treatment services for children and adults through SISTR and supported referrals to BBAHC services (Infant Learning Program, Jake’s Place, etc.)   
  8. Liaison with Dillingham City School District, Head Start and other pre-school, elementary, middle and high school programs and assistance with educational goals including operation of Peer Tutoring and Mentoring and the Saturday Opportunity School programs.
  9. MySpace Youth Wellness Center – Open Monday through Saturday to youth providing a wide range of Youth Services including teen support groups, Leadership Assets Youth Coalition (LAYC);  teen media institute; youth court;  Leadership Immersion Program, Culture Camp and adjunct programs and services focused on teens age 12 to 20.
  10. Summer Youth Services Splash – Includes outdoor parks and recreation activities (SPARKS) for children ages 6-12, Culture Camp, sports (Little League, Softball, Soccer, etc.), Leadership Camp, and Community BBQ’s.
  11. Active participation and membership in a host of children organizations and/or agencies working on behalf of children including the Child Advocacy Center, Rural Alliance for Teens,  Healthy Families and Tribal Children Service Workers programs.


  1. Provide information and referrals.
  2. Outreach services to Dillingham and all Bristol Bay area villages.
  3. Personal safety classes for community schools, agencies, etc.
  4. Crisis intervention training for community volunteers, law enforcement agencies, etc.
  5. Training for community volunteers, agencies, employers, members of the faith community, law enforcement, health care providers, persons and groups that work with children, etc.
  6. Regular training provided in advocacy, service provision and prevention of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse & neglect, abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults, sexual harassment prevention, crisis intervention, workplace safety, village based interventions, including tribal court procedures for cases involving sexual assault and/or family violence and improving the health care system’s response to domestic violence and sexual assault.
  7. Special topic workshops and presentations can be provided on request.


  1. Weekly support group and talking circle for teens, including teen parents. 
  2. Weekly women’s support group and talking circle (SISTRS)
  3. Women’s Saturday night at the Steam


  1. SISTRProgram (Safety In Sobriety Through Recovery). Safe housing, child care, treatment and support services for chemically dependent victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.
  2. MOMS Program (Maintaining our Mothers Safety and Sobriety) – child care for children whose parents/custodians are in aftercare treatment. 
  3. STOP Violence Against Indian Women grant program – Court watch and tribal court and intervention support for village based initiatives for prevention, reduction and safety services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

  1. SAFE for LIFE program – a comprehensive program of children services including subsistence skill training, parenting classes, substance abuse prevention workshops and a coordinated multi-media campaign highlighting the special needs of child victim witnesses of violence


  1. System Advocacy is when an Advocate speaks with or works with another agency on behalf of (and with permission from) a person seeking services, to assist the other agency to better respond to the needs of the individual being served as well as others who may be in similar situations now or in the future. 

  1. System Advocacy also occurs when a knowledgeable and committed person confronts, enlightens and brings about changes in systems, intuitions and agencies.