Our History    

Providing services to victims of violence in Bristol Bay since 1982.

Our First Home

In 1980 SAFE opened the doors to their first office, which is now the Alano Club. This building was the office and training center. At that time Advocates took families into their own homes for safe shelter. There were two paid staff, the director and the secretary / receptionist / advocate. Everyone involved with SAFE wore many different hats in order to provide services to the people of Bristol Bay.

The Shelter Becomes Official


We quickly grew out of our office building, the need for more services and more space for shelter became paramount. During this phase of our development we added Anana's "Auntie's" House (1999) this is an emergency shelter for children taken into state custody and the only one of it's kind in the U.S. and also extra space in the shelter.

During this time we expanded the staff to include Village Services, Outreach & Education, CourtWatch and Children's Services Advocacy. We developed a SART Team to respond to victims of sexual assault and also a CAC Children's Advocacy Center specifically for children who are victim's of assaults.

Our Benefactors and Grantors

Our benefactors and grantors have made SAFE's expansions, growth and outreach possible.

Rasmuson Foundation and the Denali Commission made it possible for the artwork in Anana's House and in the shelter. Their generosity also allowed us to pave our parking lot and build Ulla's Place.
More Space Needed

In 2002 the need for even more space became apparent, with grants from the Rasmuson Foundation we expanded to include office space for administrative staff and a conference room that is used for support groups, Teen Tuesday, conferences and trainings for staff and the public. We added a reception waiting area, now people could actually come in "out of the cold" to wait.

Ulla's "Sister's" Place Becomes a Reality

The people of Bristol Bay have always been so generous with their contributions to SAFE, our problem was that we had no room to store many of these items. In 2004 Ulla's Place became a reality, it is a thrift store and in 2006 we will be going up one floor because we have quickly grown out of that space as well. That space will house a co-op for women's arts and crafts and also a support group area.

Ulla's Place is run solely by volunteers. Items donated to Ulla's Place are tax deductible. While we do sell the items that come into us, we also donate back to the community. Money is not necessary, if someone cannot pay, that is not a barrier to getting the needed clothing or household (furniture, appliances, utensils) items.

Many times our volunteers or staff will get information about a family that needs things, they will box them up and send them out to them or a school will call with the need of clothing for some of the children.

Every penny of the money that is raised at Ulla's Place goes into providing direct services to the victims of violence in Bristol Bay. Read more about Ulla's Place.